9-11 October 2020
Bundara Farm, Berry NSW


Our Ziva Life Collective Retreat is a space for transformational change to actualise your highest and your best. It is a space for unlearning as well as learning, and for a deep personal encounter with yourself.

Ziva is a space where proximity to the sphere of the collective will give you power and transform you in the most delicious and unexpected ways. Many Zivas have changed their outlook and their approach to life. At Ziva, we learn that we don’t have to ‘fight our way to the top’, we learn that we can move mountains with the gentlest of touch.

The theme for Ziva 2020 is…
SEE ME – Magnifying Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Belief and Self-Actualisation

The Ziva Life Collective Retreat is designed as a change place for you to make manifest your highest values and visions in your best performances. Are you ready to live in Joy? Are you ready for ecstasy on a regular basis? Are you ready to fall in love with life, with the adventure of discovery and growth? Are you ready for the vitality of being fully alive and fully human?

This is our invitation for you to join us at beautiful Bundara Farm NSW – a place where you can facilitate change that will occur easily, naturally and organically – a place where the magic of self-actualisation and transformation can happen. We have created a place and a process that enables you to unleash latent potential and break through your old defences and foolishness, even your old bullshit that has undermined your genius and glory for all these years. We have created a place and a process where you can start to design your life and live it deliberately and fully alive rather than living it by default.

Would you like that?

If you are ready for the Next Level, then register your spot now and let us facilitate the metamorphosis of your old habits, limiting beliefs, and sabotaged understandings. Let us protect, honour and elevate your human potential and transcendence.


When the enigmatic Pauline Nguyen of Red Lantern fame met the invigorating personal performance coach and integrative Chiropractor, Dr Maria Zuschmann, it didn’t take long for them to realize that they were both on the same mission. In no time, they dove deep into inspired conversations around transformation, mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. They both agreed that the time has come for a major paradigm shift to the way us women practice Self-Care, Self-Expression and Self-Sustainability. Moving away from the ‘frou frou’ of mainstream feminine discourse, the Ziva Life Collective retreat is the ultimate alchemy of the impassioned topics both Maria and Pauline, study, teach and share.

More About Your Hosts and Presenters


Pauline Nguyen

Award Winning Author, highly sought after International Speaker and one of the most grounded Spiritual Entrepreneurs around the globe.(The Huffington Post)

Pauline is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs…but with difference. She is inspiration with substance. She speaks with warmth and humour, telling her own story of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. With a high performing western business background and an eastern slant of spirituality, Pauline’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, grit and perseverance. Read more >



Dr Maria Zuschmann

Dr M as she is affectionately known has a passion for helping the community to feel and function better in all aspects of their lives, and help them identify and remove interferences that are holding them back from their goals. Dr M speaks and teaches with humour, warmth and realness whilst having the amazing ability to turn what may seem complex into easy and simple action steps to help you take your life to the next level. She has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years…. Outside of her hands on work in her Chiropractic practice she is a sought after speaker and has facilitated 100’s of wellness workshops. Dr M is a Chiropractor, Personal Performance Coach and Director of Inner Edge Wellness in Shellharbour, NSW. Read More >


What is included in the weekend?

  • 2 nights accommodation (shared)
  • All meals and wine included, and prepared by award winning Chef Mark Jensen of Red Lantern
    • Friday – Dinner
    • Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Sunday – Breakfast, Brunch
  • Next Level Teachings and workshop sessions from Dr M and Pauline – Saturday and Sunday
  • Daily Illumination practices for accessing Nature’s Medicine and Energy Medicine Techniques
  • Daily Meditations led by Pauline
  • Surprise Experience on Saturday
  • Your own personal road map to rewrite your destiny



Dates: 9-11 October 2020

Location: Bundara Farm, Berry NSW

One Time Payment $2395 (3% C.C surcharge)
Instalments: 3 x $850

Spots are limited.  Apply Now.